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Slant Screen Separator

Slant Screen Separator

Cost-Effective Solutions for Trim Removal & Material Waste Handling
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Effective material waste handling is a challenge for industries all over the world, and a host of advanced equipment is available for safe and environmentally conscious material waste handling solutions. CTM Systems Inc., a leading choice for trim removal and material waste handling, can provide the right equipment for any size job.

There are two primary types of trim removal systems: venturi based systems and cutter fan systems.  Venturi based pneumatic conveying systems have several advantages over other systems. They offer a quick simple and cost-effective solution for different scale operations. Because the system driving fan is the only moving part, cyclones are virtually maintenance free. They are designed for mobility and can be moved from machine to machine, and are adaptable to different system volumes. As an added benefit, venturi based systems require little air separation. Cutter fan systems are intended for larger operations and will require more air separation equipment and planning, but may be a more cost effective for long term production.

There are three types of air separation equipment, all with different capacities, benefits, and limitations. Relief head air separation is the most cost effective solution for small scale operations. They employ a perforated box, straight duct, or elbow configuration to gather trim material, allowing air to freely vent out from the container. A cyclone employs a venturi, funnels material downward through a conical chamber, and allows air to vent upward.  The relatively new slant screen type, delivering a smaller unit size with greater material handling capacity, drops material into a slanted vessel. Air can then be vented through the slant screen and undergo anther filtration before being recirculated.

In addition to the advanced equipment CTM provides, we offer comprehensive material waste handling services such as engineering studies, start up assistance, installations, troubleshooting, retrofitting and cutter knife resharpening.

CTM Systems Inc., is the best source for material waste handling solutions, and supplies the best trim removal system and air separation equipment for your material waste handling needs.




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