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Cost-Effective Solutions for Trim Removal & Material Waste Handling
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Trim Removal and Material Waste Handling Solutions
from CTM Systems

When it comes to trim and waste removal, customers need a solution that’s efficient, cost effective, and trouble free. This is exactly what CTM Systems offer. With a variety of material waste handling products and trim removal services to choose from, CTM Systems provides customers practical solutions and optimal results.

Material Waste Handling Products
The most efficient trim removal systems consist of a variety of components, including, but not limited to:


These products are all available through CTM Systems and work to ensure that trim removal and material waste is handled safely, easily, and efficiently.

With advancing technology, CTM is always looking for new solutions to serve customers in the best way possible. The design engineers at CTM are skilled in producing trim and waste removal systems that are compact and easy to use. They developed the Venturi Systems, which can be used alone or as part of a larger system, to provide customers another option for removing trim and/or waste.

 Trim Removal Services
Not only does CTM Systems analyze an existing system and provide design of a more efficient trim and waste removal solution, but they can also install, troubleshoot, and retrofit the systems they engineer. Through expert project management, CTM Systems is here to answer any technical, purchasing, and contractual questions throughout the process. Excellent customer service is a top priority for every project, not matter what industries they are serving.



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