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Model 35 Cutter

Model 35 Cutter

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An Upgrade for the Highly Successful Model 35 Cutter

The highly successful Model 35 cutter, designed and manufactured by CTM Systems, Inc., has been upgraded. The Model 35 rotary cutter is now available as a "High Precision", or HP version. With the HP version, CTM Systems now provides a rotary cutter that will cut thin films to as thin as .0005" (0.0127mils) using two-sided blades. The HP version includes the newest advancements in the overall capability of trim cutters in the industry.

The Model 35 HP cutter housing and hood are cast iron. The rotor material is ductile iron, and the knives are made of D-2 tool steel. A-11 tool steel (CPM-10V) and tungsten carbide coated knives are also available. The motor/cutter assembly is baseplate mounted. The cutter inlet and discharge remain 3" high by 5" wide. The volume capacity of the cutter is 750 feet per minute (cfm). This is the equivalent of two 3.5-inch pickups at an inlet velocity of 5500 ft/min. The driver is a 3/4-hp TEFC direct connected motor. A flexible coupling connects the motor and cutter.

The Model 35 series cutters have many advantages. The split-case design is easily opened with no special tools, giving the user easy access to the internals. This cuts maintenance time and tool costs for the customer. The rotor is designed to eliminate the wrapping of trim. The most innovative feature of the cutter is in the design of the rotor and bed knives. Both the rotor and the bed knives have TWO sharpened edges for cutting. The double-sided feature gives the unit twice the lifespan with one set of knives.

Replacement knives and knife sharpening are available from CTM Systems. CTM also services equipment from any manufacturer.


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