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Filtration Systems

Air filter Dust filtration, that curious after thought to removal of scrap from producing many different types of materials, is one of the most intriguing parts of scrap removal systems.

Dust can get caught up in machinery, causing disruptions in production, down time to clean up the machine, and finally, getting dust on, into and around production material that may cause rejection of product and loss of revenue. Dust is normally handled in one of several ways. The first is to permit the dust to leave the air separator and exit to the external atmosphere. The second is to have simple industrial furnace filters attached in line to collect only the larger particles in the dust stream. A third option is to use filter bags hanging from a dust plenum, accepting the dust through the air discharge of the air separator. This option normally will remove 95% of all dust particles large than 50 microns. The percentage of dust particles removed will increase and the size of the particles will decrease as the filter bags are used as the small gaps in the fiber bags close up. The last, and most expensive option, is to use a dust collector, with multiple cartridges that are cleaned using compressed air to blow the dust from the cartridges. This option will normally remove 99.9% of all dust particles larger than 5 microns.

As an addendum, the air from the dust collector can be recycled back into the building, saving on air conditioning and heating costs.

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