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Relief Head Air Separator

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Air separation

Air separation can be accomplished with several different types of equipment. Some applications do not require air separation, such that the scrap exits from the exhaust of a venturi system directly into a bin or container of some kind. When the type of scrap and application permits, a customer can use an inexpensive "relief head" air separator. The relief head can be box type, straight duct or an elbow. A relief head (below, far left) is perforated steel enabling easy exit of air from the scrap while the scrap falls into a collection container. A relief head is normally used with venturi systems and can have as many inlets as required to deliver scrap to a collector.

Another type of air separator is the cyclone (below, left). The cyclone is a conically shaped device, with air emanating from the top of the cyclone. The scrap is directed down the cone and out the exit at the bottom of the cone. This type of air separator has been used in almost every type of application.

  Cyclone Air Separator  
Slant Screen Separator





Slant Screen Separator



Lastly, there is a "slant screen" separator (above, right). The slant screen separator is the most recent advance in air separator design. This separator has the advantage of being considerably smaller in size for the same amount of air volume being processed as a cyclone. The slant screen separator is defined by its name. The scrap enters the box-like separator and strikes the bottom of an angled perforated screen mounted inside the separator housing. By gravity, the scrap drops into the scrap receptacle, while the air goes through the perforated screen and out the back of the separator. That air can then be filtered and recycled back to the plant or left to mix in with the atmosphere.

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